Sensory time is social time too

Here we have a variety of textures, from pan scrubs to table mats, a nest of raffia and naturally smoothed drift wood, the natural shades enhanced by citrus orange, yellow and green colours. The light, floaty chiffon scarves are always fun.. some things we can see through! What else can we experience when playing with these ‘ordinary’ objects? …how light or how heavy is it ? what is the structure? – is it woven together or loose and stringy ?- is it springy or elastic ? – the hair scrunchy can ping through the air!

All this while enjoying the company of other babies and their mums.

These snaps were taken at Burnley Wood Nursery Centre, Burnley as part of my outreach programme for The Boo Theatre.

You can join me every first Tuesday of the month at The Boo Theatre for more open play, the session is free of charge, drop in between 10 – 12 am.

3rd September, 1st October, 5th November, 3rd December 2019


A sunny day and the garden beckons..

My outreach session on Thursday was in the Burnley Wood Children’s Centre, Burnley. A large well equipped room opened out onto this lovely garden. It was too much to resist! It so happened that I had a lot of natural objects which fitted well in the garden context.

There was free movement from indoors to outdoors and plenty of activity at the craft table as well as lively episodes of bubble chasing outside.


Taking the beads for a walk

It seems a popular way to play with the knotted beads, go for a walk while trailing them behind. They clatter and swing around and sooner or later wrap around your feet and trip you up. Quite a few children in different sessions have played in this way with the beads exploring the lively unpredictability almost as if they are being chased by them.