We were joined on Tuesday by two visitors from Tesco bearing a very large cheque! The Boo came 2nd in the Tesco’s Bags of Help Scheme. Customers choose a local charity they would like to support by placing a blue token in the box. This windfall of £2,000 will help to keep our Baby Explorer sessions free for a while longer. Thank you Tesco Customers your support is greatly appreciated.

Baby Boo will be up for another store donation in Jack’s from the 10th June – 8th September so you can vote for us there too!

We offer a friendly and relaxing welcome to babies and toddlers aged 0-4 years with their carers, mums , dads, grandparents, child minders – all welcome, come and enjoy playing together with our selection of weird and wonderful objects.


Taking the beads for a walk

It seems a popular way to play with the knotted beads, go for a walk while trailing them behind. They clatter and swing around and sooner or later wrap around your feet and trip you up. Quite a few children in different sessions have played in this way with the beads exploring the lively unpredictability almost as if they are being chased by them.


Soft blocks

My cheap foam ‘yoga’ blocks are proving very popular and now seem to be coming out every session. The yellow brick road, a single layer of bricks laid in a line provides a soft floor which is fun and slightly challenging for new walkers, the more experienced walkers have added blocks to make steps which become much more wobbly when they are three high. Great workout for balance, feet and ankles. We’ve built towers, bridges, mountains to clamber over, walls, houses, dominos, comfy bed, and finally.. diving face down on the foam after the tower falls down is the best fun.